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Our mission: To develop and share knowledge that improves the care of patients around the world through innovative clinical research.

News Item DCRI researchers seek new treatment for brain injury
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Event DCRI Research Conference - Thomas Owens, MD; Jonathan Bae, MD - February 16
Event DCRI Research Conference - Jeff Clough, MD - February 23
Event DCRI Research Conference - Tien Yin Wong, MBBS, MPH, PhD - March 1
Celebrate Heart Month

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February is National Heart Month, a time to increase awareness about heart disease and share ways we can help prevent it. Click here to see how we are celebrating Heart Month.

At a glance

Conducted studies at more than 37,000 sites in 65 countries

Completed more than 1,000 phase I-IV clinical trials, patient outcomes studies, and comparative effectiveness analyses

Employs more than 1,300 employees, including more than 200 faculty

Manages numerous national patient registries

Enrolled more than 1.2 million patients in DCRI studies

Published more than 9,300 papers in peer-reviewed journals


Improving the practice of medicine through education at the DCRI.

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