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Primary Care

PCRC-logoThe PCRC is a primary care research network for academic, community, Veteran's Affairs (VA), and managed-care practices within the Duke Health System and surrounding communities. PCRC includes 25 practices in 8 counties in North Carolina, which represents more than 150 primary-care clinicians caring for more than 250,000 patients, with access to a total population of 1.2 million. Since 1997, the PCRC has conducted over 50 studies enrolling more than 3000 patients.

Our mission is to operate a community-based research network with guidance from an academic medical center, namely the Duke Health System.

Our goals are to:

  • Perform trials that will improve health care delivery and patient outcomes
  • Provide educational opportunities for clinicians to maintain clinical skills and develop new skills in performing research
  • Support clinician participation in clinical research through a central administrative office and trained study coordinators
  • Generate research to support the practice of evidence-based medicine

Site and Study Coordination

The PCRC aids in site access across therapeutic areas for trials involving ambulatory patients with both chronic and acute disease.

Our model consists of a group of dedicated research nurses trained by the network office. PCRC Project Management ensures that study milestones are completed according to timelines. PCRC coordinates contract and financial services for all network practices. Use of this model ensures quality data collection, enhances allocation of site personnel, and protects sites from fiscal responsibility for a full-time study coordinator position.

The PCRC can act solely as a site network for multicenter trials or offer trial coordination of various levels via the DCRI.


Contact Information

Adult studies:
Rowena Dolor, MD, MHS, Executive Director

Pediatric studies:
Chip Walter, MD, MPH, Associate Director

Business Development Contact: Suzanne Pfeifer, MPH

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Rowena Dolor, MD (portlet)
Rowena Dolor, MD
Director, Primary Care Research Consortium