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Therapeutic Areas

Therapeutic Areas

The DCRI enlists more than 5,000 investigators in more than 64 countries to carry out scientific research, reflecting the DCRI’s experience and knowledge of the cultural differences in clinical practice and clinical research capabilities. With more than a decade of global experience, the DCRI provides expert oversight of clinical investigations.

Though best known for our pioneering research in cardiology, the DCRI’s research spans the scientific gamut, from pediatrics to geriatrics, primary care to subspecialty medicine, and genomics to proteomics. In recent years, our expertise in infectious disease, oncology, and central nervous system research has grown tremendously. Our knowledge and experience are constantly expanding and evolving.

Research Expertise:

    Clinical Trials | Commercial Megatrials | Devices | CV Outcomes | Government
Endocrine Neoplasia Research Group
Gastroenterology (GI)
Geriatrics; Metabolic Bone Disease
Immunology and Inflammation Medicine
Infectious Diseases
Neurosciences Medicine (CNS: Psychiatry and Neurology)
Primary Care
Pulmonary Medicine/Transplant Medicine

Our research expertise does not stop with clinical studies. Our experienced investigators also conduct key quality of life, economic, and outcomes studies that are increasingly essential for sound results. Quality improvement initiatives round out our full catalog of research endeavors, making the DCRI the most comprehensive of any academic research organization.

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